Top 5 things we love about these jeans!

Top 5 things we love about these jeans!

They are super high fashion

Say goodbye to skinny jeans – for now. Relaxed-fit, baggy jeans are back and not a moment too soon in our opinion.

Slight stretch for extra comfort

We love traditional 100% cotton denim but let’s face it - a tiny bit of stretch just makes things a lot more comfortable – especially after a big lunch with the girls.

Elasticated back waistband for a great fit

Unless you are one of those uniquely blessed women with perfect proportions, we find that our waist is a little disproportionate to our behinds. In most cases, pants either fit the hips and the waist is enormous or you can’t get them up past your knees. The elasticated back waistband gives every girl the perfect fit.

High-waisted, flat front

These are jeans that you can "bend-and-snap" with modesty. No more exposing any pesky muffin tops - they actually fit in your waist. If you prefer a smooth, tighter fit you can size-down, or like us, if you like your jeans a little baggier and more relaxed, take your regular size.

Available in both a wide-leg and a straight-leg silhouette

We have two new styles this season. Our best-selling, 1960's inspired wide-leg jeans with extra-long legs give a fabulous elongated look with high heels. Our elongated straight leg-jeans have front pockets and an elasticated back for ease of wear and the perfect fit. Of course, we recommend you get both 😊

#LoveLocal – locally made, sustainable fashion

Everything we do is about slow fashion. Our jeans are beautifully crafted to the highest quality standards, we spent time getting the pattern and fit “just right”, and we have limited number of items available.
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